Tulamben, 2016 August 9th, Third Dive: Ulami

The afternoon dive on this day is quite memorable. Not only did I have the chance to take my first images of Ladybugs, but also got lucky with my first-ever full-body shot of a popcorn shrimp. Those are normally hiding their completely transparent tail between the corals. We also came across a tiny clown-frogfish, found a huge sexy shrimp against a dark background and last but not least a juvenile rock mover wrasse of which I got a almost perfect shot. Those are, like the razor wrasse, extremely skittish and very hard to get close enough to take a good photo.

Tulamben, 2016 August 9th, Second dive: Emerald

After our first dive was very limited due to strong currents, the wind stopped and we had a great second dive at Emerald. This being a coral reef, we found not only a black tip reef shark buzzing past, but also a small crowd of Bumphead parrotfish visiting. Leafy Scorpionfish and various Nudibranches have become the standard sight for us now in Tulamben. How spoiled.

Tulamben, 2016 August 9th, First Dive: Melasti

Full of hope for more amazing sights we went back to Melasti. However the currents were so strong that we either had the choice of staying deeper with less to see or in the shallow to hunt between the stones while being sand-blasted. We tried both and eventually came back with very few pictures of a baby moray, a giant mantis and a few nudis.

Tulamben 2016 August 8th Second dive: Coral Garden

Coral Garden is a bit like an underwater Disney land. Located right next to the extremely popular and busy Liberty Wreck, It is made for the divers going to the wreck to have an interesting near-by dive site with lots of attractions to handle larger groups of people. So locals sunk a LOT of stone statues and other fixtures into the water, now housing a vast array of animals that are hard to find in other dive sites such as ribbon eels, leafy scorpion fish and more.

Tulamben, 2016 August 8th, first dive: Liberty Wreck

The USAT Liberty is one of the most famous wrecks in Asia, a WWII US transporter disabled by a Japanese Torpedo and finally sunk by an Earthquake in 1963. It’s the most famous dive destination in Bali and therefore very, very busy. People come here from all over Bali. Since it’s a couple of hours drive away from Denpasar and other major tourist centers, most people arrive here after 10:00 in the morning. So people staying in the area of Tulamben have the chance for a bit more quiet dive early after sunrise. So we went out there at 6:30 in the morning and were not disappointed. Despite the divesite being so busy every day we found our first Pygmy sea horse of this trip along with leafy scorpionfish and of course the magnificent view of this massive wreck.

Tulamben, 2016 August 7th, Night Dive: Serena Secret

We went for a night dive early on during this trip, excited what we would be able to see here in Tulamben. Predictably we found a bunch of Crabs and Lionfish out in the open, but the most attention went to a pair of flathead fish trying to hide in the sand as well as a very rarely seen Stonefish hiding in an Buoy fixture, completely covered in sand.

Tulamben, 2016 August 7th, Second dive: Batu Niti Slope

Right next to Batu Niti (see previous dive) is the dive site Batu Niti Slope. We found a rare Dragon shrimp, a Moray with commensal shrimp and finished the dive hunting for smaller critters and crabs among the stones at 5 meter depth where we came across an extremely small baby lionfish, all green!

Tulamben, 2016 August 7th First Dive: Batu Niti

Another fabulous dive in Tulamben: Batu Niti is a very diverse divesite on the edge between muck and reef diving. We cam across huge barrel sponges as well as some egg-laying nudibranches. AA ribbon eel almost came out of his burrow and sponges tried to hide a painted frogfish as well as a two-spotted young lionfish.

Tulamben, 2016 August 6th Second Dive, Melasti

Melasti seems to be a dive site that never disappoints. I got a first-time shot at some rare Nudis, a shiny porcelain crab on a sea pen as well as a Napoleon Snake Eel and a Cuttlefish. Not to forget a VERY lucky close-up shot of a Razor Wrasse on black background. Those are really skittish and hard to take photos of.

Tulamben, 2016 August 6th, First dive: Serena Secret

This was the first dive in Tulamben. I came with big expectations after hearing about this region. I saw a lot of great images on Instagram and wanted to see for myself. The first dive already rewarded my with a great lucky shot of an Ornate Ghost Pipefish and a cool close-up marco of a Crinoid Shrimp, among others.