North Male Atoll 2016 July 13th, First dive: Ihuru

The weather was very bad so we could not take the boat far away. We decided to ferry across to the neighbor island and visit their house reef.
We found tiny bubble coral shrimp and sexy shrimp on a wreck along with a very docile dog-face puffer fish.

We went into the water via the Beach of Ihuru and went west towards the wreck. At about half-time we reached it, entered it from the side and ascended vertically through the opening in the top 4 meters above us (@ 28 minutes). I then investigated 2 bubble corals for shrimps on the side and from there on we proceeded back to the beach.

Dive Profile & Temperature

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Location: Maldives > Male Atoll > North Male Atoll > Ihuru

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  1. Amazing, well done, but also easy with the best Dive instructor ever as a guide ahah :p

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